The Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, was very lucky this morning to have 150 pilgrims, from the Diocese of Lake Charles in Louisiana, stop by on their way to the March For Life in Washington D.C.

The mission that they are on is to support the March For Life and to promote a culture of life. Along with their journey, they are stopping at various sites along the way to pray and to evangelize as they support the culture of life.

Father Jeffery Starkovich who is leading the pilgrimage, was able to celebrate a special Mass for the student and young adult pilgrims who are on this particular mission. Today’s stop in Knoxville had even more meaning for Fr. Starkovich.

“I think one of the beautiful things about stopping here at the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, is that its new; that the church is alive, the church is well, that Christ is still building His church, and that we all have this great role to play. So, as we stand in this beautiful Cathedral, which is recently dedicated, its a sign that the church is not stagnant, that the church is alive, it’s growing, and that if the church is growing, then my relationship with Christ and my own heart is growing as well.”

After Mass, the pilgrims received a visit from Bishop Stika, took pictures, and toured parts of the Cathedral. We are very grateful and blessed that they chose to attend us on this extraordinary mission. Please pray for their safe journey to March For Life.