Despite the snow and frigid weather, our Cathedral builders are nearing the completion of the 100th pier! As of January 22nd, 99 piers have been drilled out of the 111. What comes next? The Cathedral grade beams will be poured. In construction, a grade beam is a type of foundation system used to distribute the weight of a building. The beams will be supported by the pipe pilings (piers) that extend deep underground.

In other news, coordination of all the underground utilities have been ongoing. Look for the superstructure steel erection to take place in early Spring.

Fr. David Boettner, Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral, says, “One of the essential things to remember is that we’re not only building a building, but we’re building a community of faith, not just here in Knoxville, but throughout all of East Tennessee.”

Prayer remains an essential component of this building project and Fr. David invites you to join him in prayer so that we can truly be the face of Christ to all we meet and be a beacon of faith.

Please continue to pray for the success of the Cathedral Campaign (, for our parish (the Living Stones), our Cathedral workers and for good weather!