Fr. David Boettner, Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral, stopped by the shop of master silversmith and goldsmith, Fratelli Savi Gioielli, to discuss the creation of a chalice, a sanctuary lamp, and censor for the new Cathedral.

The Chalice is the large cup used at Mass used to hold the wine which becomes the Blood of Christ. The Sanctuary Lamp is an oil lamp or wax candle that burns near the tabernacle. It is always lit whenever the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in churches or chapels as a sign of honor shown to the Lord. The Censor, also known as the Thurible, is used at solemn occasions to incense the bread and wine after the offertory, the priest, and congregation.

The Savi brothers have been fortunate enough to make crosiers, pectoral crosses and other items used at Mass since 1937.

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