Thank you for your interest in our virtual trivia night held by the Sacred Heart Cathedral parish. This event will be held Saturday, September 19, from 7-9 pm. We sincerely hope you will join us for an evening of fun and fellowship. There is social time built into each round as we read your answers and tabulate the scores. Please plan on a family meal and some beverages during this time to virtually recreate the Cathedral Hall dynamic.

Please review the information below to understand better how this event will work. Please send any questions to our Director of Cathedral Campus Events, Scott Barron, ([email protected]), or our Director of Faith Formation, Deacon Walt Otey ([email protected]). Anyone and everyone are welcome to play. The goal of this night is to connect and have a sense of normalcy for a few hours.

How to participate:


  • The event will be held on the Zoom app. There is no fee for the app or to play trivia.
  • Teams may consist of from one to five screens. Please form your teams beforehand so that we may create a breakout room for each team. Teams will collaborate in the breakout rooms to come up with their answers. 
  • Teams may sign up on our excel sheet (Virtual Trivia sign up).  Please send Scott Barron an email if you need assistance finding a team. He will send you a link to an excel sheet that will help you connect to others. We will create breakout rooms for each team based on these entries.
  • The event will go live fifteen minutes prior (6:45 pm) to the start of trivia (7 pm). This will allow you some social time while allowing us to address any sound or logistical issues.
  • Please designate a scribe for each team that will respond for the team. 
  • When logging onto Zoom the night of the event, please use your name followed by your team name.


How to play:


  • The third edition (first virtual) will function like the prior evenings. There will be five rounds, each containing five questions. Four of the questions will fall under the heading of general trivia, while the fifth question will have a topic specific to our parish and or faith. Each round will be worth an increasing value of points. Round one will be worth 5 pts per question, and Round Two will be worth 10 pts per question. Round three will be 25 points per question, round four and the fifth round each will be worth 50 points per question. Totals will be announced following each round. There will be a final question after the fifth round. This will be jeopardy style in that you may wager any and all of the points you have accumulated to that point. The winner will be the team with the highest amount of points after the following round.
  • Deacon Walt and Scott Barron will take turns reading a round of questions. They also will be shared on your screen. The designated team scribe will send their team’s answers, each round, back to Deacon Walt and Scott. There will be social time each round as the answers are processed, and scores are tabulated. 
  • Have fun! This is a social event meant for conversation, laughs, and a sense of community. Please resist the urge to look up any answers. Internet assistance is not permitted.