On Friday, The Haiti Outreach Program held its 14th Annual Medical Banquet in the Sacred Heart Cathedral School Gymnasium. It’s the largest event each year for raising money for the work that the Outreach program does in Haiti, which includes education, medical, and spiritual outreach. Billy Stair with the Haiti Outreach Program said about the fundraiser “It’s absolutely critical! This fundraiser probably represents about 25%-30% of all the money we raise in any given year.”

Over one hundred people showed up to the Oktoberfest themed event in support of the Outreach Program, in which every penny raised at the event, goes to Haiti. The money raised is used to buy medicines for the clinic that the program has in Haiti, pay the salaries of teachers at the elementary and high schools, and also goes to a local parish, to help support their ministry in Haiti.

Hallerin Hilton Hill of WOKI served as Master of Ceremonies for the event.