The Helen Ross McNabb center provides care for people experiencing social challenges.  Their mission is to provide services to improve people’s lives.  The 7th grade partnered with them to provide hats, scarves and gloves to their 140 clients in need.  We have 60 7th graders and beginning shortly after Thanksgiving, they were challenged to donate at least 2 hats, glove, and scarf sets to try to meet the need.  Many of the students purchased them with their own money, some sought donations from a variety of stores and some even appealed to knitters they knew to knit for our cause.  Several times a week the students separated and counted the collected items and would post the totals so they knew how far they would have to go.  At their Advent party, the students decorated and filled gift bags that were handed out to the clients at HRM at a luncheon held the same day.  The photo was taken at the blessing of the items.  Our hopes are of course that that blessing carries onto the person receiving the gift.