Cathedral Construction Update – December 4, 2015

Site Work:

IMG_1198Dirt removal on the Northside of campus is going very well despite the damp conditions. Very soon we will be able to install a new entrance from Erin Drive and new parking spots.

Pier Drilling:

Drilling will continue throughout December and excavation of the new Cathedral basement will begin soon. This excavation will take place near the front of the school and existing church. One of the piers that will support the new Cathedral will be in a location that requires the 22783722204_78f63a379b_kremoval of a portion of the existing church porch. However, handicapped accessibility will still be available and parishioners will be able to come and go from the Northside of the church especially when the new parking is completed in the next month or so. Additionally, the front facade of the existing church and porch will be re-worked in the overall construction project.

Covered Porch Entry:

With excavation equipment and concrete crews in close proximity to the current church, it is important to keep the area safe for school families, parishioners and visitors. For this reason, a new covered porch entry area will be constructed next week that will provide new concrete stairs leading up to the current Church, guardrails, new sidewalk connecting to parking on the Northside of the church, and a covered porch with ventilation and natural light. (See diagrams).

Construction Entry BMA

Thank You:

We are grateful for your continued prayers and cooperation as construction work moves along rapidly. Thank you to our architects, BarberMcMurry and James McCrery, and our construction firm, Merit Construction, and their subcontractors, for their attention to detail and safety during this exciting time on the Sacred Heart campus. If you have questions about the new Cathedral, or would like to make a contribution, please contact the Cathedral office at 865.588.0249 or email [email protected].

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