How do I plan for a Funeral Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral?

  • Please contact Campus Events Coordinator Scott Barron at 865-300-6078

What planning needs to be done for a Funeral Mass?

  • There is one meeting with the family for approximately 30-45 minutes with Glenn Kahler, the Director of Music & Liturgy (to prepare the Mass), and Scott Barron (to coordinate logistics and share your thoughts for the Homily).
  • For the Funeral Mass, you will choose Four Hymns, one Old Testament text, one Responsorial Psalm, one New Testament text, and one page of Intercessions.
  • You will also need to choose three readers, several presenters of the Offertory Gifts, and two Communion Cup Ministers (if already trained).
  • (Optional) You may designate one person to offer “Remarks of Remembrance” for 3-5 minutes at the very end of Mass.