Bishop David Choby died Saturday night at Saint Thomas West Hospital where he was undergoing treatment for injuries sustained in a fall, according to a statement from the Diocese of Nashville.
Choby, a Nashville native, was named the 11th bishop of Nashville in 2006. He was only the second priest in the diocese’s 169-year history to become its bishop; the others have come from outside the diocese.
Bishop Richard Stika released this statement following the news of Bishop Chobys passing.
”Bishop Choby has carried a heavy cross these last years with his health in decline, but he did so with a sense of hope and trust in Jesus. His death last night on the eve of Pentecost is sad for us, but life for Bishop Choby hasn’t ended, it has only changed. I believe now that he will be at peace in the presence of Jesus.
I have lost a friend and a brother bishop. Just a few days ago, I spoke with Bishop Choby for a half hour and found it to be an enjoyable conversation about his hopes for the future. I finished our conversation telling him that I consider him a dear friend and that I love him very much. He expressed the same love for me and said he was grateful for our friendship and our many visits.
To all my friends in the Diocese of Nashville, please know that I, along with all your sisters and brothers in East Tennessee, are praying for you.”
Bishop Choby was born in Nashville to Raymond and Rita Choby. He is survived by his only sibling, Diane C. Dyche of Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from Father Ryan High School in 1965.
Details of funeral arrangements are not available at this time.