Congratulations on your engagement! May this be a season of grace and heavenly blessing! You are coming to the Catholic Church to be married. A Catholic wedding is so much more than a social event. It is a sacrament in which a man and woman become husband and wife in the presence of God, the wedding officiant, and your family and friends. From the Rite of Marriage: “Dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church’s minister and this community.”

The staff at the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus will assist you as you plan for this momentous and sacred day. Your preparation will reflect the principles that govern Catholic liturgical celebrations. For our wedding guidelines, please contact Scott Barron at [email protected]. Please contact Scott six months in advance.


  • Contact the priest or deacon who will witness the marriage at least six months in advance of the wedding—the sooner after the engagement, the better. Call 865.588.0249.
  • Present baptism certificates, and obtain dispensations and permissions. Don’t set the date of the wedding until the freedom to marry is acknowledged.
  • Register and attend a marriage preparation weekend such as Engaged Encounter Weekend. See video below.
  • Meet again with the priest or deacon to complete the wedding plans, discuss your marriage preparation weekend, make final plans for the wedding liturgy, talk about your spiritual preparation (the sacrament of reconciliation is recommended), and ask additional questions.
  • Obtain your marriage license within 30 days of your wedding date. In Tennessee, the marriage license is valid only for 30 days.