Dear Cathedral Parish Family,

As the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus community continues to grow at the rate of about 150 families per year, we as a parish evaluate roles to improve our ability to worship, teach, and serve in accordance with our mission and vision both now and in the future.


Cindy Briggs
Please join me in thanking Cindy Briggs for her ten years of faithful service as our Director of Finance. During her tenure, Cindy was instrumental in helping us to establish WeShare, reconcile the accounting for the Cathedral construction project, and manage our financial statements and payroll. We welcome prayers for Cindy as she continues her journey with her family as an active parishioner, St. Gerard’s guild member, and grandmother. Cindy has been an invaluable member of our team, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.
Deacon Walt Otey
Please join us in welcoming Deacon Walt Otey as our new Chief Financial Officer. Deacon Walt brings several decades of experience in corporate business to this role, where he spent much of his time on financial analysis. In his new role, he will oversee the parish’s economic operation, including the roles of the Office Manager/Bookkeeper and the SHCS Business Manager. This position will administer staff payroll and related needs, safeguard assets through financial analyses and internal control procedures, and make recommendations based on those analyses.
Mary Mac Wilson
Our Director of Parish Operations, Mary Mac Wilson, has been promoted to our Chief Operating Officer. This position serves as the primary advisor and assistant to the Pastor on parish administration and ministry matters. This will ensure smooth, coordinated efforts by the parish staff to support parish activities and provide a high level of service by the team to parish members.
Rick Grinstead
Our Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Rick Grinstead, will take over Deacon Walt’s previous job as Director of Evangelization, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry. The Director of Evangelization and Faith Formation is responsible for leading a culture change at the Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus that builds a parish community committed to the New Evangelization and brings others to Christ and the Gospel to the world.
Scott Barron
Our Director of Cathedral Campus Events, Scott Barron, will now be our Director of Parish Ministries. Scott will collaborate with event organizers, identify parish needs to ensure an event’s success, and act as a hospitality ambassador for the Cathedral. This new role coordinates the parish’s efforts in youth ministry and formation for Cathedral Kids, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, and RCIA. This position works with the Director of Evangelization, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry to coordinate an annual Parish Retreat.


Please help me congratulate Cindy, Deacon Walt, Mary Mac, Rick, and Scott on their new roles, and continue to pray for our parish and the success their new jobs will bring to our campus.

In Christ,
Father David

Very Reverend David A. Boettner, V. G.
Vicar General- the Diocese of Knoxville
Rector – Cathedral of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus